Alignment. The sense of things falling effortlessly into place.
My journey has been about learning how to allow the space to experience beauty
and a sense of wonder every day.

A love for aesthetics and instinctive capacity for good design led me to pursue a career as a creative in the advertising industry. From my home-town of Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne and London, my achievements grew, as did the list of challenges I successfully met.

But I couldn’t say the same for my spiritual development. I was forever busy, and told myself it was fine that I had a million thoughts chasing each other throughout my mind. This disconnect, I came to realise, was between my true self and the life I was living.

Knowing there was something more out there for me to discover, I embarked on my spiritual journey. With daily practice, I found it easier and easier to see that there was a higher path towards which my energies were flowing. My transformation had begun.

In 2013 I became a meditation teacher at Australian Centre for Holistic Studies (Melbourne), focusing on Health, Insight and Creative Visualisation techniques. These holistic meditation techniques empower us to tap into the reality of our innate ability to heal ourselves, as we listen to our inner world.

In 2012 I became a Reiki energy healer, at International Institute of Energy Healing (Sydney). Reiki is an incredibly powerful healing tool. It allows us to remove negative thought patterns and physical blockages we may be carrying, from as early as childhood. These blockages stop us from functioning to our fullest potential, affecting our emotional and physical health. By forging a strong connection to our mental and subconscious worlds, we can access the unique insights of our thoughts and dreams, as we manifest new creative thought patterns.

As my young spiritual journey continues, I wish to help others align with their own inner strength, and thus access their true self. My goal is to help you to be yourself, enhanced with the clarity and calm that comes from the alignment of mind, body, soul and spirit. There is nothing more nourishing than reconnecting to source, and living to your truest potential, just as the universe intended.

Here’s to enjoying the abundance of wellbeing that surrounds us, and our inner lights shining bright.